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NEW! Pacato 16 from ACS in a new handy package.


The Pacato plug is comfortable, completely discreet and offers the most natural sound of any generic fit earplug in its class. With Pacato you can hear what you need to hear with all the clarity that you’re used to and easily converse and communicate without putting your hearing at risk.

The Pacato is one of the most discreet universal-fit plugs available with a flush fitting filter that enables the plug to sit comfortably in the ear with no protrusion making them ideal for use under headwear or in any situation where discretion for the wearer is desired.

Offering an average of 16dB protection the Pacato is suitable for use in most amplified music or other loud noise environments keeping your hearing safe from damaging exposure to excessive noise but ensuring that you stay involved in the performance. Using Pacato earplugs you can enjoy your music at a level that suits you without losing the fidelity of the sound as you might with foam earplugs, in addition, the Pacato keeps all the atmosphere allowing you to hear what’s going on around you and communicate clearly with others so you don’t have to feel isolated from the music, the atmosphere or the people to keep your hearing safe from harm.

Trying to create a natural sounding earplug is no mean feat as far as your own voice is concerned because, as you will have experienced, when you block off your ear canal your own voice starts to boom inside your head, this is what we call occlusion. Occlusion is caused by sound that is carried to your ear canal through the cartilage at the side of your head and usually escapes through the open ear canal so is not heard. When we block off the canal this sound cannot escape and so creates that booming effect.

A large amount of occlusion can be eliminated by ensuring that the earplug sits deep enough into the ear canal to extend past the cartilage so that the sound hits the plug and is deadened rather than entering the canal at all but the Pacato filters go one step further. The Pacato is vented to allow sound to pass both ways which means that remaining sound can escape directly through the filter providing one of the most natural sounding earplugs available.

The Pacato also offers resilience to moisture and wax build up. Being shielded from external moisture with the hard outer shell means that the fabric filter membrane is protected from the elements so your earplug will keep on performing in adverse conditions but, in addition, the filters and plugs can be cleaned to keep them performing for years to come.

The Pacato plugs from ACS offer a perfect cost-effective solution to protect your hearing in a variety of environments whilst making sure that you get one of the most natural sounding earplugs available.

    • Contents:
  • 1 Pair of Medium/Large Pacato Filtered Earplugs
  • ACS Metal Storage Tube with Keychain
  • Instruction Leaflet


3 reviews for Pacato 16

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have hyperacusis, so these are great for a noisy bar or restaurant when you want to take the edge off but still want to be able to carry on a conversation – I always have a pair with me. More than one of my ‘normal hearing’ friends has bought a pair for themselves! Filters are nice and secure, but pop out easily so you can clean the plugs.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Brittany Harrison (verified owner)

    I love these earplugs! Amazing value for the price. They’re also really easy to clean. I take them out every time i’m going to a music event and they have improved my experience hugely. I’ve noticed that they take out a lot of the crowd noise without affecting my experience of the sound. They’re also super compact and discrete when wearing.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Maurice Reviol – Reviol Woodwind Instruments (verified owner)

    I use these earplugs now for years when playing with concert bands and rock bands and when going to gigs or about any noisy place that asks for ear protection. They are brilliant as they don’t filter out too much and they are comfortable, and now the new model with the nifty Aluminium container means, that I won’t forget them as easy…
    Will buy them again…

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Pacato 16