Ready-Fit Earplugs

Ready fit earplugs hearing protectionReady-fit, high-fidelity earplugs that reduce sound levels evenly while preserving sound quality and clarity.

Readyfit, high-fidelity earplugs

Ready-fit earplugs provide decibel reduction and still allow the user to hear conversation or singing.

Ready fit hearing protection is available for various industries and activities, such as:

  • High(est) fidelity ready-fit earplugs that are great for musicians (ER-20 Ety-Plugs)
  • Ready fit plugs that are ideal for hunters, shooters and gun sport enthusiasts (GSP-15 GunSportPro Electronic Earplugs)
  • Generic fit earplugs that are ideal for music educators, directors and performers (MP 9-15 Music Pro Electronic Plugs)
  • Best high-fidelity earplugs for listening to music. Suitable for use in environments with amplified music or loud noises (The Pacato 16)
  • The best hearing protection for amplified music environments (concerts) or other loud noise environments (ACS Pacato 19)
  • ReadyFit hearing protection for military use, gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from work tools (Pro Impulse Ready-Fits)

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