Earplugs for blocking noise

Earplugs for blocking noise

Are you looking for Earplugs that block noise? Pacific Ears specialises in custom-fit and ready fit earplugs that help block

Earplugs for wearing under hard hats


Do you work in a noisy, industrial workplace? Choosing the right hearing protection to prevent hearing loss is critical.

Pacific Ears can provide you with the right earplugs for the job. We offer a selection of earplugs that can be comfortably worn with other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as hard-hats or earmuffs.

Earplugs for Guitarists


The best custom-made and ready-fit Earplugs for Musicians. Hearing-protection for those in the music industry.Musicians earplugs are designed to protect

Earplugs for the Firing Range


Protect your hearing while Hunting, Shooting and at the Firing range. Pacific Ears has a selection of earplugs designed for hunters, shooters and for those on the firing range.

Earplugs for Blocking Snoring

Earplugs for blocking out snoring

Trying to get some sleep, but having trouble due to a snoring partner? We have the right earplugs for a sound solution!

SleepSound’s are the best earplugs for a restful night’s sleep.

Earplugs for clubbing


Best earplugs for concerts, clubbing and live music. Protect your hearing with the very best custom-fitted or ready-fit earplugs – designed for the music industry.

Custom-made Ear Plugs


Pacific Ears has a wide range of Custom-made Ear Plugs suitable for a range of industries and activities.

Ear plugs for concerts


Pacific Ears New Zealand offers a range of ear plugs for concerts. The best earplugs for concerts, music events, musicians:

Motorcycling ear plugs


Cruising along enjoying the roads on your motorbike, you take it all in and enjoy the ride. The never ceasing gushing wind noise while motorcycling can be exhilarating, but it is also a threat and a health risk. The constant wind noise can be distracting, affecting your concentration. The noise can also have a fatiguing effect on your ears, resulting in aching or ringing ears. This danger can leave you vulnerable to permanent hearing damage, which will result in hearing loss. Read More…

Hunting ear protection


Many of us take a break during the summer months and enjoy some hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

For those keen on hunting and shooting: protection and safety is key to enjoyment in the future. The risk of Shooter’s Ear is not something to ignore or take lightly. Many shooters are left with ringing in the ears or constant Tinnitus after shooting without adequate hearing protection!

Swimming ear plugs


It’s full on summer and water activities are part of the fun! If like us, you enjoy water sports, such as surfing, sailing and swimming, but suffer from ear inflammation or infection – that could dampen the fun. Pacific Ears has a solution. Read more about our SwimFit custom ear plugs

Custom earplugs for sound sleeping

Earplugs for Sleeping

In the best circumstances we don’t need earplugs to fall asleep, but a snoring partner, traffic noise, construction or loud neighbours can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. If you love a snorer, travel by plane or have noisy neighbours, you know the struggle!

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