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Drivercom has been redesigned and refined to give you communication earpieces with the highest environmental awareness available. The ACS Drivercom are custom-made Earpieces, designed for noisy environments like the Motorsport.



Pacific Ears, together with ACS, specialises in state-of-the-art custom ear moulds. Our knowledge and expertise in the field, as well as collaboration with racing professional’s has led to the development of superior custom hearing products for use in recreation, sport, industry and many other applications where custom hearing protection is critical.

Custom-made Earpieces, designed for the Motorsport

The ACS Pro-Drivercom takes all the great features of the original Drivercom and adds to it. We discovered a need for a hearing protection product, specifically designed for the racing industry, which would give the user some ambient hearing. This allows for more situational awareness to hear critical noises, such as motor engine and exhaust frequencies. Drivers using the Drivercom earpieces will also be able to hear safety cues such as warning alarms and sirens while still protecting their hearing.

We combined our tried and tested PRO hearing protection filter and the ACS Drivercom to create the perfect motorsport headset geared for communication and hearing protection. This quality design ensures the most robust, clear and comfortable race communications available on the market today.

In-ear monitors that fit well with other protective gear

acs-drivercom-IEM-motorsportUsing the softest silicone available the Pro-Drivercom earpiece is custom-crafted to sit as flush in the ear as possible, this reduces the possibility of pressure being applied when wearing a crash helmet. It also ensures the earpiece is able to flex to accommodate changes in the ear shape that occur when a motor helmet is worn. In addition, using a softer silicone ensures that optimal isolation is maintained at all times when in use. The better isolation ensures the driver always gets clear communication free from outside noise, which is particularly important for racing car or motorcycle drivers during racing.

The Drivercom earpiece offers crystal clear communication

The Pro-Drivercom uses a single lightweight speaker that’s been selected to deliver crystal clear communications and work perfectly with the majority of radio systems. Using balanced armature technology, the Drivercom speaker is compact enough to fit discreetly in the ear, allowing us to keep the size and weight of your earpieces to a minimum whilst being powerful enough to ensure that you get a clear vocal signal. The small form-factor, robust communication capability and optimal protection are a huge advantage for motorsport professionals.

Drivercom is made from quality material and components

Making sure that we use the right cable to deliver your sound is as essential as every other aspect in the design of our earpieces, so we make sure they are just as well-thought-out. Starting with the best conductive core, we then add Kevlar threads for strength and flexibility so that we can be sure you’ll get the performance you demand. Each cable is sheathed with a special finish that reduces the transmission of friction noise to the earpieces, so there’s as little interference as possible. The cable is then clamped at the Y divide with a custom pressed lengthened binder to give it extra strength where you need it most. The Pro-Drivercom can be made with a standard length (30 cm) or a specified length up to 1.4-meter cable, depending on which is most suitable for your application.

Please note that the Pro Drivercom comes with ONE SET of filters only!

Included in your Pro Drivercom purchase

  • Pro Drivercom Earpiece
  • Carry Pouch
  • Wax Pick
  • Comfort Cream
  • Care and Instruction Booklet

Pro-Drivercom cable options

  • Standard with 1.4m cable and 3.5mm connector
  • Short cable with DIN/RCA connector for helmet connection
  • Short cable with “Lemo” connector for connection to Stilo helmets.

V8 Supercar Series use Drivercom headsets

Drivercom Racing DriverV8 Supercar Series, wearing Drivercom custom fitted headsets under racing driver & pit crew helmets, to hear communications in ultimate clarity with up to class 5 noise reduction in a custom fitted, soft silicone ear mould. Clear driver & Pit Crew communications is critical during a race. The ACS Pro-Drivercom is the ultimate in-ear solution for clarity and comfort. No more need for bulky and uncomfortable earmuffs. The Drivercom IEM is designed to be worn with other PPE, such as tight-fitting race helmets. Laboratory manufactured, soft silicone moulds ensure the perfect fit and optimal comfort. The custom fitted moulds optimally reduce background noise.

Highest quality wiring and jack components incorporated with audio drivers provide ultimate sound production for the most secure, reliable and crystal clear, racing communications on the market. 

Benefits of the Drivercom monitor

  • Pro drivers are embedded in the highest quality, medical grade, soft hypo-allergenic silicone which ensures a maximum reduction in background noise whilst allowing for clear communication and awareness of surrounding sounds that are important, such as warnings
  • The custom Drivercom earpiece is class 5 protection with up to 35dB attenuation and allows for optimal sound production at minimal volume
  • Individual Left and Right ear impressions are taken for the custom moulding
  • Designed for tight-fitting race helmets. The custom-fitted moulds lock into place and won’t shift or dislodge when applying helmet
  • Help prevent hearing loss from loud, constant excessive wind and/or engine/exhaust noise
  • Professional quality sound production with crystal clear high/mid-tones 
  • Easy to maintain for aural hygiene
  • The perfect protection solution for Driver/Pit-crew communications

Need impressions taken? We take care of it!

On-Site ear impression service available for Racing Teams. Contact us for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do racing drivers wear earplugs?

If you work in the motorsport industry as a driver, racer or along the racetrack, it is vital that you wear custom-made racing earplugs that are designed for the job. Racing drivers are subjected to many harsh noises, such as the noise of the car or motorbike. Environments with loud noises can cause permanent hearing damage. Motorbike riders are particularly prone to the effects of wind noise, which can cause hearing injuries like Tinnitus.

What earplugs do racing drivers use?

The most suitable ear plugs for motorsport races, or racing in general, are the Drivercom or Pro-Drivercom ear plugs, which are custom-made to suit the ears of the wearer. Drivers use custom designed earplugs that filter out specific frequencies to protect their ears from damage. For racing drivers, it’s important to use well-fitting, comfortable plugs that block harmful noise while allowing for proper communication and the possibility of hearing critical sounds like warnings.

How many dB is too loud?

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). A whisper is about 30 dB, normal conversation is about 60 dB, and a motorcycle engine running is about 95 dB. Noise above 80 dB over a prolonged period of time may start to damage your hearing. Loud noise above 120 dB can cause immediate harm to your ears, possibly causing hearing loss.

How loud is an F1 car?

Formula 1 racing is loud. At the loudest spot, the peak noise levels were almost 140 decibels, or just below those known to cause permanent hearing loss. Therefore, it is critical to have optimal hearing protection if you are exposed to this harsh noise

Do you need ear protection at F1 or V8 Supercar Series race?

If you are close to the racing action, then ear protection is essential. If you are near the track, V8 cars blast by just metres away from you. Use our custom hearing earplugs to protect yourself around the track and during the F1 or V8 races.


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Pro Drivercom for Motorsport
From: $639.00