Hearmuffs Sounds – Infant Hearing Protection with 4 sounds (NEW)


Earmuffs with 4 sounds – Lullaby, heartbeat, white noise and babbling creek. Sounds that are soothing for your child.


Hearmuffs Sounds – Specially designed hearing protection for infants

The Hearmuffs Sounds mode lets your child enjoy four soothing sounds – lullaby, white noise, creek and Heartbeat plus, all the features that come with the Soothe version Hearmuffs. The Hearmuffs earmuffs are specially designed for hearing protection for babies.

  • Active compression of sounds with our unique soothe mode – maximum volume child hears at is 60dB, normal conversation level
      • No need to take the HearMuffs on and off each time you want to communicate with your child. Simply press a button to calm and soothe.
  • Soothe mode allows voices to be heard while compressing potentially harmful noises to comfortable levels
  • Protect mode protects your child’s hearing from loud, potentially harmful noises
      • Advanced protection from loud and harmful noises including traffic, concerts, construction, and city sounds.
  • Child-friendly materials
      • We are parents too, which is why all of our HearMuffs are made with non-toxic and safe for your child materials.
  • Infant Growband included and adjustable headband for maximum comfort and fit from birth to 4 years of age.
      • Our patented GrowBand™ adjusts and fits a wide range of head sizes. Made with super soft materials, it comfortably protects your child’s head. And it’s machine washable!
  • Available in white



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Hearmuffs Sounds - Infant Hearing Protection with 4 sounds
Hearmuffs Sounds – Infant Hearing Protection with 4 sounds (NEW)