Infant Hearmuffs – Hearing protection for Infants

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Passive earmuffs specially designed for babies and toddlers.

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Protect your infants hearing with Hearmuffs

  • Recommended hearing protection by Audiologists
  • Specially designed infant earmuffs with advanced infant & baby / toddler ear/hearing protection
  • Fits a wide range of head sizes – Growband (for adjustable sizing) sold separately
  • Made with nontoxic kid-friendly material
  • Engineered for maximum comfort
    • Advanced hearing protection from loud and harmful noises including traffic, concerts, construction and city sounds
  • Available in 4 fun colours: pastel pink, blue and spa green, and white


For Hearmuffs Soothe. Talk to your child with a touch of a button – please see our range of the: Hearmuffs Soothe

For earmuffs with lullaby and white noise: Hearmuffs Sounds

Also available: earmuffs for  kids 5-10 years: Kids Hearmuffs

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Pastel blue, Pastel pink, Spa green, White


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