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The filter tool and filters are available in two variations. Please let us know in the comment field which tips you require.

ER38-46 Green filters

4 filters and 1 removal tool for ER•4, hf Series and original Music•PRO, HD•15, GSP•1, GSP•15, EB•15 and EB15•LE earplugs (ER38-46)

Filter Removal Tool with 4 Green Filters for ER•4™ earphones, hf3™ earphones + headset, hf2™ earphones + headset, hf5™ earphones, and first generation Music•PRO®, HD•15®, GSP•1®, GSP•15®, EB•15® and EB15•LE™ Electronic Earplugs


ER38-46BN red filters

4 filters and 1 removal tool for The BEAN and 2nd gen Music•PRO, GSP•15, HD•15 and EB•15LE earplugs

For use with The BEAN, and second-generation Music•PRO MP•9-15, GunSport•PRO GSP•15, HD•15 and EB•15LE earplugs



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Etymotic replacement filters