ER-20xs High Fidelity Earplugs Universal – 3 tip options


Includes Earplugs with 3 pairs of eartips, case and neck cord


ER-20XS earplugs come with three interchangeable pairs of ear tips (standard 3-flange,  large 3- flange and foam) for more fitting options. Foam ear tips on ER•20XS Universal Fit earplugs work in conjunction with the advanced technology in the earplug itself, offering protection and clear communication.

Etymotic ER20XS Universal Fit Earplugs feature a stem-less design, with a low profile that conforms to the plane of the outer ear. This makes them particularly comfortable to wear under hats and other headgear. A small, flexible pull tab allows for easy removal.


  • 3 ear tip options for best fit, comfort and seal
  • Protects against noise-induced hearing loss
  • Lowers sound evenly 20 dB
  • Fits under hats and helmets
  • Reduces wind noise
  • Reduces noise fatigue
  • Interchangeable ear tips


  • ER20XS earplugs
  • Pair of Standard 3-Flange Eartips
  • Pair of Large 3-Flange Eartips
  • Pair of Foam Eartips
  • Neck cord
  • Case
  • Instructions


ER20XS are reusable, but with repeated use, the ear tips may lose elasticity. For best performance and retention, if you use your ER•20XS constantly, consider replacing them every 3-6 months.

Technical specifications

ER-20XS plugs use a tuned resonator and acoustic resistor to replicate the natural response of the ear canal. This unique construction, combined with Etymotic’s proprietary sound path, reduces sound levels evenly across the frequency range without changing the sound quality. Result: Music and speech remain clear, but quieter and safer.

ER20XS earplugs provide almost equal sound reduction (20 dB) across the range of hearing. NSR (noise reduction rating) of 13 dB.


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ER20XS Universal fit High-fidelity earplugs
ER-20xs High Fidelity Earplugs Universal – 3 tip options