ACS Revivo Desiccant 10 Pack (NEW)


ACS Revivo Desiccant 10 Pack. Works with ACS Revivo Electronic Dryer and Sanitiser

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ACS Dry Capsules for using with the ACS Revivo Electronic Dryer and Sanitising case.

Replacement ACS desiccant for use with the ACS Revivo electronic dehumidifier to help maintain optimum performance. Each capsule is factory sealed with a tear-off foil strip to ensure the desiccant inside stays fresh until needed.

The desiccant in each fresh capsule is coloured orange. When it becomes saturated and requires replacement, the colour will change to dark green. For maximum usage, once the foil paper has been removed, please keep it sealed inside the small zip lock bag inside this package until required.

Comes in a pack of 10.

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ACS Revivo Desiccant 10 Pack (NEW)