Happy New Year from team Pacific Ears

What a year 2020 has been, let’s not do that again! Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still very present for everyone and every country all over the world. New Zealand is one of the luckier ones where we are all able to move freely within NZ, going to large events etc. So apart from tracking where you have been make sure to keep your hearing safe as well when you do attend concerts, festivals, race events or other loud noise events. Whether you choose a ready fit earplug or a custom-made one, you’re doing well by wearing them, protect now to still hear in the future. Let’s make this a memorable year!

50% off PRO-Fit earphones AND 10% off Pro sleeves

PRO-Fit High-Fidelity isolating earphones
Small, lightweight and compatible with ACS Pro series Hearing Protectors

PRO-Fit provides a customisable and lightweight solution to in-ear monitoring, personal listening and communications.

PRO-Fit earphones are designed to offer high levels of isolation and clarity in a universal fit earphone, as well as being a modular system that can be used with ACS-PRO Series earplugs to create custom-fit in-ear product.

Single balanced armatures are used, which are both small and lightweight yet still provide high levels of audio performance across the entire frequency range, resulting in true sound reproduction.

And you can own a set at a very affordable and heavily reduced price. NOW $144.50 from $289

And for the month of January, we will give you a 10% discount on Pro series sleeves. Please contact us when you want to order a set.


Up until last year, Pacific Ears have kept ear impressions on file for 2 years. From January 2021 onwards we will keep your impressions on file digitally for three years. Even though the ear shape may change over time at Pacific Ears we can now keep them on file for three years. This will make ordering another custom product so much easier and cheaper too. You can use the code ImprDisc in our online shop to receive a $45 discount on your second (or third or fourth or fifth) custom product*.

*Providing the fit of the current earplugs is still perfect and the impressions are suitable for the new product you would like to order. Please check with us before you order. 

Kids and Infants hearing protection – now on sale

Keep your babies and kids hearing protected with these awesome Hearmuffs. Products available; Infant Hearmuffs, Infant Hearmuffs Soothe, Hearmuffs Sounds, Kids Hearmuffs and Kids Hearmuffs Trio all on sale now! Get them while stocks last! For more information and shop click here.*

*While stocks last

Instructional videos now on YouTube

We mentioned them in the previous newsletter and now the instructional videos on YouTube are here!

If you struggle with inserting your moulds, if you want to know how to clean the ear moulds or if you need to change over the cables for your in-ear monitors and more please click on the link to go to our YouTube channel to watch these instructional videos.

Gift vouchers available in our webshop

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone but giving a family member or friend earplugs to protect their hearing is not only thoughtful but a really good value for money present to give to someone as it will last them up to 5 years! If you would like to purchase a gift voucher please have a look on our home page or order a gift card directly here.

Gift card voucher for earplugs

We are here for you!

If you have any questions or if you would like more information about our product range please contact our friendly team on info@pacificears.co.nz.
You will receive a fast and detailed response.

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