Custom earplugs for sound sleeping

In the best circumstances we don’t need earplugs to fall asleep, but a snoring partner, traffic noise, construction or loud neighbours can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. If you love a snorer, travel by plane or have noisy neighbours, you know the struggle!

Sleeping ear plugs are a great option of ensuring you get quality sleep even though there is ambient noise.

Standard sleep plugs or custom-made earplugs

There are a lot of sleep plugs on the market, many of which are plugs made of putty or foam. These type of plugs have a major drawback, as these can degrade or move farther into the ear canal than is safe. The consequence of using these types of plugs is that they need to be replaced often and a lot of care needs to be taken while putting them into the ears.

Besides the standard putty or foam earplugs, there are better solutions, such as custom fitted, silicone molded sleep ear plugs. Custom earplugs are made of medical grade silicone material and are specifically moulded for your ear canal, ensuring a perfect fit. They’re effective at reducing noise, yet still comfortable to wear while sleeping.

SleepSound earplugs for a sound sleep
SleepSound custom moulded earplugs. Comfortable ear plugs to wear, all night long

The custom shaping ensures for an optimal fit that is comfortable during sleep and will reduce most noises effectively. The sleep earplugs don’t block out all noise as that is not possible with any hearing protector, not even a custom one, as sound also travels through the bone structure of your head. It is also not desirable to block out all noises as you still would like to hear the alarm clock and the smoke alarm for example.
SleepSound ear plugs are an easy, affordable, and effective solution to reduce sounds and getting a good night’s rest!

Benefits of SleepSound custom earplugs

  • Comfortable ear plugs to wear, all night long
  • If you’re a light sleeper or need to sleep in noisy areas, SleepSounds are a great option for improving the quality of your sleep
  • Earplugs designed for sleeping soundly to reduce snoring noise, traffic and travel noise
  • These earplugs are made from a medical grade silicone material that fit your ear’s canal shape perfectly
  • The custom shaping ensures for an optimal fit that is comfortable
  • SleepSounds will reduce most noises effectively (These earplugs reduce the sound by approx 30-33 dB)
  • Help you stay asleep through ambient noise and snoring (the best earplugs for sleeping with a snorer)
  • Premium earplugs for sleep, study, and air travel

Frequently asked questions about earplugs for sleeping

Is it bad to sleep with earplugs every night?

Is it bad to wear earplugs to sleep? Most earplugs, when inserted correctly, are generally safe to wear while sleeping. Frequent use can lead to some minor issues, like a build-up of earwax in the ear canal or discomfort to the ears. Getting the right fitting plugs is important to rule out these issues.

Do earplugs block the sound of snoring?

Do earplugs really help with snoring? Yes, they are the go-to solution when sleep-deprived due to a loud snoring partner. When worn correctly, earplugs should significantly reduce the sound of snoring and other ambient noises.

How do I get the right fitting earplugs?

Standard foam or putty earplugs are not specifically designed for the shape of your ear canal, they only offer a general fit. To get optimal fitting earplugs, you can purchase custom SleepSound plugs, moulded and perfectly made for your ears.

What are sleeping ear plugs made of?

SleepSound ear plugs are made of soft, durable, high-grade medical silicone material, providing a perfect, comfortable fit.

Who should use sleeping earplugs?

SleepSound earplugs are suitable for anyone in the situation where they need to reduce noise while sleeping, relaxing or just switching off from a busy day.
These custom-made plugs are designed to reduce ambient sounds and are ideal for sleeping, travelling and sleeping on a plane, camping,
meditation, commuters who use noisy transport such as buses or trains, people who work irregular shift patterns or night shifts and Students who want to concentrate without being disturbed.

How to use earplugs for sleeping?

Putting custom earplugs in is easy and straightforward. Start by holding them the right side up and twist them into your ear. Our custom sleep plugs are designed specifically for your ear canal, ensuring a perfect fit each time. This also makes them comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.


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