Hearing protection for infants and kids

hearing protection for children

Hearing protection for infants and kids, easily done and more important than you think!

Kids are exposed to much more daily noise in contrast to a couple of decades ago: loud toys, nursery products and technological devices are only part of the noise increase.  Loud sounds are even louder for children. Infants and young children are more sensitive to loud noises than adults are because the ear canal is smaller in children. 

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Happy New Year from team Pacific Ears

What a year 2020 has been, let’s not do that again! Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still very present for everyone and every country all over the world. New Zealand is one of the luckier ones where we are all able to move freely within NZ, going to large events etc. So apart from tracking where you have been make sure to keep your hearing safe as well when you do attend concerts, festivals, race events or other loud noise events. Whether you choose a ready fit earplug or a custom-made one, you’re doing well by wearing them, protect now to still hear in the future. Let’s make this a memorable year!

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December Newsletter: Crazy how time flies

Summer water hearing protection

Just as we are easing into our somewhat normal lives, Christmas is just around the corner and gift buying will drive everyone nuts! Sort your gift shopping right here. In December we are running multiple special deals and sales. Feel free to share this newsletter/blog with family and friends and you may receive a wonderful Christmas present yourself!

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Hearing Protection – don’t risk over-protection

Hearing protection over-protection

“I would like a hearing protector that blocks out all noise”

Why over-protection is just as bad as under-protection, or even worse!

If we got a dollar for every-time a client asks us: “Can I get the hearing protection that blocks out all sound?”, we would be very rich!

If clients call us, with a question to provide them with a HPD (Hearing Protection Device) that reduces the most sound in a workplace or similar environment, we usually advise against it. Instead we try to find out what the best or the optimal hearing protection is for the clients’ specific situation. This is more often than not, not the earbud that has the highest decibel rating.

Let us explain why...

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