Etymotic ER4-XR with Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable

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Etymotic Research ER4XR Extended Response Precision Matched In-Ear Earphones (Detachable Balanced Armature Drivers, Noise Isolating, High Fidelity, World Leader Response Accuracy) with Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable.

Etymotic Research ER4XR Extended Response Earphones Features:

  • Single-driver earphones with detachable Bluetooth 5.0 cable
  • Balanced-armature micro-drivers deliver fast transients and pin-drop detail
  • Frequency- and volume-matched rivers ensure you get studio-quality sound
  • Extended bass response
  • Swappable ear tips provide up to 42dB of passive external noise isolation
  • In-line remote gives you control over playback
  • Built-in microphone lets you take calls while on the go
  • 24-bit/48kHz Lossless compression ensures you hear the audio as it’s intended to be
  • AKM Velvet Sound AK 4331 DAC unit provides impressive sound quality
  • Assorted ear tips include foam and 3-flange tips

Etymotic replacement tips

Etymotic ear tips for use with: ER4SR, ER4XR, ER3SE, ER3XR, ER2XR, ER3SR, mk5 Isolator Earphones, ER20XS, ER•4, hf3, hf2, hf5, mc3, mc2, mc5, ETY•Kids, HD5 Safety, Music•PRO MP-9•15, HD•15, GSP•1, GSP•15, EB•15 ,etyBLU2, and ety8 and Home Hearing Test.

Etymotic Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable with AKM Velvet Sound DAC and Amplifier (NEW)

  • Etymotic Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable Utilizing the latest Qualcomm chip
  • Supports AptX, AptXHD, and AptX LL giving it 24 bit/48khz lossless capabilities
  • Dedicated DAC and headphone amplifier installed
  • AKM AK4331 with Velvet Sound Technology far superior to built in solutions
  • Compatible with the latest Etymotic ER series earphones as well as most other earphones with MMCX connectors
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